Early last year, Michael Thompson walked out of prison a free man. After serving nearly 25 years on drug charges, he is the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary.

Thompson served roughly half of his 42 to 62-year sentence for selling marijuana before Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer granted him and three others clemency.

Oscar-Nominated Documentary Comes to Flint

Thompson is the subject of the documentary 'The Sentence of Michael Thompson' a film that primarily focuses on Thompson's imprisonment and his subsequent release after Michigan's laws concerning the use of marijuana have been relaxed.

The film will be shown this Sunday, June 19 at 4 pm at Flint's Capitol Theatre, located at 140 E. 2nd St. Thompson will take the stage for a question and answer session following the screening.

Michael Thompson holds the record for being the longest-serving nonviolent offender in Michigan's prison system, according to Mlive.

According to the Michael Thompson Clemency Project, 12 other families of prisoners being helped by the project will also be in attendance.

Thompson Speaks Out on Prison Reform

Upon his release in January of 2021, Thompson said he hoped to help others serving sentences for pot-related crimes.

“I just hope somebody who can hear that’s dealing with prison reform can hear me and let them know that a lot of things need to be done because -- those guys are human beings and the way they’re treating them is not good, and hopefully prison reform will help them,” he said.

Contact the Capitol Theatre for ticket information.

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