It's what they call "pothole season" in Michigan. It's the time of year when the snow and ice start to melt away, leaving us with monster potholes to deal with.

If you've lived in Michigan your entire life, you've had to endure potholes your entire life. I don't know why but for some reason they seem worse this year compared to years past.

One Metro Detroit women is so sick and tired of dealing with potholes that she pulled over to the side of the road to share her thoughts in a video that recently went viral.

According to WDIV, the woman pulled over on 16 Mile and Ryan roads in Sterling Heights to voice her opinion on the condition of the roads. I think you'll agree with her opinion especially after you see the condition of the road she's ranting about. It's absolutely brutal.

Her story is just one thousands of people across Michigan that are currently dealing with the same situation. I was driving down Maple Road this past Sunday and couldn't believe how bad it was. It was worse than driving down a dirt road.

I hit a pothole on Perry Road in Grand Blanc the other day and it nearly threw me into oncoming traffic. It was a close call to say the least. I will say this, the next day, that pothole was filled. For the most part, Grand Blanc is pretty good about fixing really bad potholes.

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For a lot of people, the frustration really hits after they blow out tire, lose a rim, or lose control and cause an accident. It's causing Michiganders thousands of dollars every year and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I'm sure we'll be back here one year from right now talking about the exact same never ends.

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