There's times where the city comes together as one and lets it be known that Flint has talented artists, this is definitely one of those moments.

Its about time that Flint gets the recognition it deserves when it comes to real artists putting in work in the city. Detroit, Chicago, and NYC all get props for being filled with artists that drop bars. Flint needs to be on the list of cities that have some of the best artists in the country. Need proof? How about spitting bars off the dome during a music video shoot? Prezidental P, Cashis Da Gerber Boy, Gunhood Zeke, King Cashis, Vonta Grayy, and Tiera Santoya all spit bars in this YouTube video and showcase their talents as a team.

The city is surrounded by great talent, but its time for all of the artists to come together as one and show that this city is more than Flint is more than just a water crisis and a high crime rate. Its moments like this that is proof that when Flint comes together and works as a team anything is possible.

Below is the music video that was shot during this freestyle. I think its time to get the city together again for another classic.


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