Things really couldn't have gotten any more awkward at this wedding after the Priest decided to stop the entire ceremony until a camera man moved away from him.  The uncomfortableness on the couples faces is almost painful.

Things seemed to be going along smoothly in the beginning of the clip, but then the Priest turns around to lecture the photog.

Everyone seems to be caught completely off guard, and when the camera person asks the couple if they want him to move, things get even more awkward.  The confrontation ends with the Priest telling them that its not about the pictures, it's about God.

I am mixed on this situation . . . Weddings have become too much of a production these days, with little emphasis put on what is actually happening.  It seems like people feel the need to put on a show, instead of just getting married.

On the other hand, the couple DID pay a bunch of money for all of this, and they should be able to have pictures taken from wherever they choose right?

Do you think that the Priest was way out of line for stopping the ceremony?