I love seeing local talent gain national recognition. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Michigan photographer Thom Seling on a big achievement. One of Thom's photos is featured on a bottle of Jones Soda. How awesome is that?

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I have known Thom for countless years, and have always respected his work. Prior to the pandemic, if there was a concert (especially at The Machine Shop), Thom was there with a camera in hand. Many of his photos have been showcased by the bands he has shot, but this is his first on a bottle.

So how does one go about getting a photo picked up by Jones Soda? I went right to the source, Thom Seling. He was kind enough to answer that question and more.

How did you find out about the contest, and have your entered photo contests prior to this one?

I saw an ad or something on social media about submitting photos for consideration.  I have submitted photos into other contests in the past, but they were always popularity contests and who could get the most votes. My shots had a few, but nothing overwhelming.

How did you decide what photo to submit, and are there specific categories all contestants had to adhere to?

I submitted three photos for the contest. One was a colorful bike I saw in Chicago. The second was a picture of my daughter blowing bubbles at the US 23 Drive In. The contest had an emphasis on cultural diversity and I remembered my friend Modi's fiance had me take pictures of her hands for their wedding. Modi's hands at the time were covered in henna tattoos. Ironically that was two years ago this week.

What was your reaction when you were notified that your 'Henna Hands' photo won a spot, your photo would be featured on a Jones Soda bottle?

I first received an e-mail saying that my pic had been chosen. Eventually I got a letter that was hand signed by about a dozen Jones Soda employees, and pictures of two labels that are going to be used for their 25th anniversary bottles of FuFu Berry soda.

Winning Picture/Seling The Moment Photography
Winning Picture/Seling The Moment Photography

That is so awesome. Do you know how many entries were received?

According the the label there have been 1,512,649 submissions and 27,942 unique labels produced, so to be one of them is really incredible.

It is a really cool feeling to get an acknowledgement for something that you have done. I'm not a professional photographer, so to get national recognition feels pretty special. It's a hobby I love and I like to share my adventures.

Do you know when the bottle with your photo will be available?

They did not say when the bottles themselves will be available or where. I do know that the 4 pack carriers have photos on them, but each bottle is individually different inside the carrier. So if anybody sees them in the wild let me know!

With shipping issues there is no telling when the will come, the local store by me said they are back ordered.The grocery manager was kind enough to run the UPC scan from my label to check.

Where can people see more of your photography?

All over social media. I love sharing my concert shots, food photos, travel pics, street life, exploits and more.

Instagram @selingthemoment
Facebook Seling The Moment Photography

Congratulations my friend. I am so happy for you, and I will definitely be looking for a Thom Seling original Jones Soda bottle.

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