We all know that Pusha T is pushing for Hillary Clinton to be our next POTUS, and on Thursday night (Oct. 27), he visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about prison reform, among other things.

Colbert broke the ice by discussing one of Pusha’s notable songs “Grindin’” (as part of the Clipse) and his involvement in co-writing the famous McDonald’s jingle, “I’m Lovin’ It.”

Then Colbert asked the Virginia rhymer about his activism on prison reform. Pusha T hopes to change the laws that keeps convicted felons from voting. He says it’s a barrier that keeps people disenfranchised.

“It's tearing apart our community right now,” he said, adding, “It’s like you keep paying forever, we have to change that."

Pusha T also added that he will be attending Clinton's party on Nov. 8. Hopefully, it will be a joyous party for everyone.

In another interview, Pusha T was able to talk with Democratic Vice-Presdent hopeful Tim Kaine about the need to improve on the criminal justice system.

“There’s a lot of reforms that are necessary. There’s policing reforms, to make sure that we have communities where everybody respects the law,” said Kaine. “But people have to be respected by the law, too. That’s really important. In some of our communities that’s not the case.”

Reminder: Election Day is on Nov. 8.

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