Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver, will be spending election night with Hillary Clinton in Manhattan, as they wait for the election results to come in.

Weaver is one of many of the specially invited guests that Hillary has asked to join her tonight.  Weaver talked about accepting the invitation in a recent news release.

I am honored to be among those invited to Clinton's election night watch party, and I'm excited to be with her and her supporters as we find out the results of this historic election.

Weaver and Clinton have been close since Hillary first showed up to respond to the Flint Water Crisis.

This is obviously a prediction for way down the road, but it feels like Weaver may be getting groomed for a position in Hillary's cabinet, if she's elected.

Weaver is a rookie politician, but has handled the spotlight of the Flint Water Crisis very well.  That could be the reason for her sudden rise to favor with the Clintons'.

Some people have objected to Weaver cozying up to Hillary, but if she does become our next president, then it could only mean good things for Flint, right?


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