Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to be the biggest movie this year, but according to Quentin Tarantino Disney is pulling some dirty moves to make sure Star Wars: The Force Awakens blocks his film from showing at a famous Hollywood theater.

Quentin Tarantino will release his highly anticipated film The Hateful 8 on December 31st, but pre-screening was set to be released at the Cinerama Dome on the 25th. Due to some issues with Disney (who owns the Star Wars franchise), Tarantino's film will not be showing at the Dome. According to a recent interview with Howard Stern, Tarantino claims that Disney threatened the theater with pulling the new Star Wars movie completely if the Cinerama Dome didn't cancel The Hateful 8 from showing at the legendary Hollywood theater. Tarantino's new film is filmed with a 70mm film, and would be perfect for the Dome considering they already have a 70mm projector. Tarantino also said that he already signed a contract with the theater to show his new film before all of this Disney drama.

If this is all true, Disney is playing dirty games. Is Disney REALLY that greedy that they need every single theater in the world to show the new Star Wars film?!