Kanye West's tweets have become the center of controversy this week after he shared his support for President Donald Trump, which helped him receive co-signs from right-wing conservatives. While some of Yeezy's close industry friends are reaching out to him publicly and privately to have a discussion about his tweets, Questlove is simply shaking his head at all of it.

The Roots drummer recently sat down with BuzzFeed for their AM to DM series, where he was asked his thoughts on Yeezy's tweets about Trump and some of the controversial things he has expressed. He says that seeing his tweets and reaction from social media made him think about leaving Twitter.

"Him embracing the President that embraces White supremacy? I don't know... I can't," he says. "Twitter is losing their mind. For the first time yesterday I just...I thought I was done. I went to sleep before midnight. I don't like what I'm seeing."

Kanye also sparked up even more controversy after he tweeted a photo of himself wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap as he posed with music executives Lyor Cohen and Lucian Grainge. He also later tweeted a photo of the hat, which appeared to have a Trump autograph on the lid.

Watch Questlove's interview on AM To DM  below to hear his thoughts on Kanye's return to Twitter below.

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