Working in radio myself I've learned that swearing on air is a big no no, but watching this co host squirm is why pranking someone is so hilarious!

I will admit, I've sworn on the radio. Its actually happened twice. Both of them were barely noticeable and never got me fired, but the feeling of realizing you swore on the radio is one of the most frightening feelings ever! The first time it occurred I was doing an impersonation of someone and it just came out. I instantly thought to myself "well there goes my radio career.", but luckily it was never brought up. The second time it happened I was working in Indiana and I said "Hahaha oh s**t.", instantly I had the same thought as the first time I swore, but luckily I was saved by the radio gods and was never fired or talked to about the incident. Swearing is just such a normal thing for me. I have the language skills of a 8th grader, so naturally I like to fill big words in with profanity. It happens.

This prank is both terrifying and amazing. I wish I would of thought about doing this to my coworkers because this is radio gold!