It seems as though the wild party life of Mr.Carter has finally caught up to him.

The 30 year old rapper was rushed to the hospital earlier in the week for suffering seizures while on set of Nicki Minaj's new video. He was soon released after he had stabilized but he just couldn't stay out. It was reported his body guard found him unconscious in his room after a suspected sizzurp binge. His stomach had to be pumped three times according to TMZ.

There are several people are at Wayne's bedside crying, and a number of rap artists and family members are on the way.  Sources say the scene is violent as Wayne shakes uncontrollably. Hopefully, Weezy will pull through, but it's not looking very good right now.

UPDATE (9:43p): Wayne's condition has apparently taken a turn for the better as several reports are now saying he is recovering from the recent seizure and some are even saying he is home. The rapper himself has tweeted that he is feeling better, as you can see below.



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