Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint might need to call in the Pied Piper according to a new study from Orkin.

Every year Orkin puts together a list of the most rat infested cities in America. The list is based off the number or new rodent treatments in that year.

This is definitely not a list to brag about, but Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint all found their way on the list this year. Detroit ranked 6th on the list, Grand Rapids came in 39th, and Flint rounded out the list at 50th.

Things could be worse though, I mean just look at Chicago! The "Windy City" has topped the list for the last four years!

I may sound naive here, but I don't every recall seeing a rat in Flint or Grand Rapids. Granted I've never gone looking for a rat either, but to be in the top 50 you would think that you might cross paths once or twice.

Detroit is a different story. I can almost guarantee seeing a rat every time I'm in the city.

I don't know a lot about getting rid of rats, but I do see a money making opportunity here. I'm packing up everything I own, moving to Chicago, and starting my new business. . . "Clay's Pied Pipering". It will probably looks something like this.

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