Courtney Lenz is a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens, but she won't be making the trip to the Super Bowl with the rest of her team and she claims it's because she put on a few pounds!

Lenzis part of the 60 person Ravens cheerleading squad, but Super Bowl rules dictate that the team could only take 32 women. She figured she was a lock since she had seniority, has been featured in the Ravens' cheerleader calendars and appeared as a team representative on numerous occasions.

The Ravens left her home and Lenz thinks it's because she might have put on a couple during the season.

"She thinks it's because she gained 1.4 pounds during the season. She has told various news outlets that she added the weight to her usual 124-pound frame. The organization wanted her to get down to 120 pounds, she claims."

Friends of Courtney Lenz have started an online petition to get her to New Orleans.

So the big question is, what is the actual reason that the Ravens chose not to bring her?  If it was her weight, would they be wrong to base their decision on that factor?

Here are a few pics of Courtney.

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