Will Ferrell was tossed out of a Pelicans game at halftime after he destroyed a cheerleader with a basketball, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

I know what you're asking, "How can this not be bad?!"

Will was actually filming scenes for a new movie called "Daddy's Home" with Mark Wahlberg.  Nola.com gave the lowdown on the movie, and why Will was hitting cheerleaders with balls.

"Daddy's Home" stars Ferrell as a mild-mannered radio executive who is determined to become the best stepdad possible to the children of his new wife (Cardellini). Wahlberg plays the children's "freewheeling and freeloading" biological father, whose sudden re-emergence forces Ferrell's character to compete for the affection of the children.

The aftermath of Will getting tossed was posted on Twitter by TheCajunBoy