Ray J is directing some new barbs at Kim Kardashian. The singer is back on the attack with his single "Famous" featuring Chris Brown. The fireworks begin on the final verse, where Ray J asserts that he and Kardashian's sex tape is the only reason she's a celebrity.

"She fuck me for fame, look in her eyes/She was the first one to sign on the line/She was the real one to plan it all out/Look at the family, they walk around proud/All because she had my dick in her mouth/Wanna have me in bed while you fucking your spouse/Shows that you still a rat and your man Mickey Mouse," Ray J sings.

Ray J was reportedly upset about being mentioned in Kanye West's 2016 MTV Video Music Awards speech, so it is not shocking that he chose to diss Yeezy's wife. He also wasn't fond of being featured in Kanye's "Famous" music video, which featured him in bed alongside the couple and many other celebrities.

The Ray J version of "Famous" serves as the lead single for the singer's Raydemption LP, which will be released as a visual album on the streaming service LookHu.com. LookHu CEO Byron Booker says Raydemption will be “a controversial record in which Ray sets the record straight, reclaims his power and moves forward.”

Time will only tell if this is the last time Ray J addresses his relationship with Kardashian. 2013's "I Hit It First" did not put a stop to it, but maybe marriage will change the "Another Day in Paradise" artist's feelings about his old flame.

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