Check your medicine cabinet and make sure that you don't use any of these Infant Ibuprofen products.

Tris Pharma Inc released a statement about the recall this week in a press release. The three products may have a higher than normal level of Ibuprofen.

The products were sold at CVS, Family Dollar, and Walmart locations around the country. Tris Pharma issued the voluntary recall on the specific product lot numbers below.


The products are named differently depending on the retailer so make sure you check for all three names.

  • Walmart sells it as "Equate"
  • CVS sells it as "CVS Health"
  • Family Dollar sells it as "Family Wellness"

The worst case scenario is the possibility of permanent kidney damage. The other possibilities range from diarrhea to headaches.

I've always been the kind of parent to try and avoid any medicine for a baby unless advised by a doctor, and would recommend that to anyone that will listen.

If you do have any of these items in your home, you can call Tris Pharma customer service at 732-940-0358 or email them at

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