The wind storm that left nearly a million people in Michigan without power, could lead to some credits on your next DTE or Consumers bill.

There is a law in Michigan that power customers are eligible for a bill credit if they meet the required criteria.  There are three major guidelines that you'll have to check before you can try to claim your bill credit.

  • No power for 120 hours due to catastrophic conditions with at least 10% of the utilities customers affected.
  • No power for at least 16 hours during normal conditions
  • No power at least 7 times in a 12 month time span.

The good news is that the windstorm from last week does qualify as a catastrophic event.  I used "good news" lightly considering the wind storm made life miserable for a lot of people in Michigan.

There are plenty of customers that fell just short of the 120 hour threshold, but according to FOX2, those customers should apply as well.

If you think you may qualify for a credit, you can apply by clicking on the applicable button below.


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