Life has a funny way of making you laugh especially if you're the Red Lobster server who was given $10k after receiving a racial slur on your tip receipt and losing your job.  Great comeback story. 

Toni Christina Jenkins, 19 year-old nursing student and Red Lobster server, was given a receipt with the racial slur n----- on the line for a tip.  Jenkins went home and posted the receipt on Facebook to draw awareness that racism still exists and was fired from her job.  Well, the story went viral and got the attention of some great people.

Toni was fired from her job for violating company policy for uploading the receipt online.  Her life then took a turn for the better.  Matthew Hanson, the founder of, started a fundraiser to show Toni and the rest of the world that racism is not acceptable anymore.

Within 72 hours of starting the fundraiser, Hanson raised just over $10k for Toni under the campaign of 'Tips for Toni.'  The Red Lobster server received her job back and a new used car that she has been saving up for. One of the great parts of the story is that Toni, donated some of the $10k to charity.

I truly believe that people need to be proactive in disarming racism in America.  This story proves that someday racism will be eliminated.  In the grand scheme of things this good-will incident doesn't amount to the work we have to do but it is the inspiration that we all need to get involved in changing America.