Remember the days of jumping into the ball pit at pretty much any fast food play place? Now you get to do that as a grown up!

Starting in March you'll be able to relive your childhood by swimming through a gigantic ball pit in a Detroit high rise. This sounds like a fake news story, but it's actually true, and it's called The Beach Detroit.

The project is put on by a group called Snarkitecture, along with the Library Street Collective, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bedrock, and Quicken Loans Community Fund.

It might be hard to picture what exactly The Beach Detroit will look like, but their official website paints a pretty good picture.

Visitors ascend a ramp before entering an all-white enclosure, where the floor descends towards the highlight of the experience - an ocean of recyclable, antimicrobial plastic balls. Two piers extend out into the ‘sea’, allowing people to stand in the center of the space and watch others, while a separate island in the centre invites exploration and discovery. Visual cues such as deck chairs, lifeguard chairs, umbrellas, and signage recall elements of the typical beach-going experience, however, these elements are made surreal by a monochrome uniformity throughout the interior spaces.

The Beach Detroit plans on opening on March 1st, and staying open through April 14th. You can check it out Wednesday through Friday from 12p-8p, Saturday 10a-8p, and Sunday from 12p-6p. The official address is 1001 Woodward Ave.

The craziest part about the Beach Detroit is that admission is FREE!

There are a few rules that you need to follow to keep things clean and safe, and you can find all of that information here.

I can't wait to check this out with my kids!

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