The Miller Road overpass in Flint Township has been a headache for drivers since December, but repairs are finally starting.

You might remember that a truck hit the bridge while driving south on 75, and the bridge has been reduced to one lane ever since.  While everyone is going to be happy to have the bridge fixed, the repairs may cause even more headaches.  MDOT has a plan in place to start work today (July 10th) but there will be some closures.

Miller Road will be reduced to three lanes (one lane in each direction with a dedicated center turn lane) over I-75. During removal of the damaged beam, southbound I-75 will be reduced to two lanes, and traffic will be detoured onto the I-69 entrance ramp and reenter I-75 south of the Miller Road overpass. This work will be completed primarily during overnight hours.

Hopefully the fact that the work is being done at night will keep delays to a minimum.

The project will cost almost a half a million, and will run till September.  Then people can get back to complaining about trying to turn left on Miller Rd without waiting for 10 minutes.

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