THIS IS A DAMN SHAME!  This doesn't help us get any jobs in the City of Flint.  Find out what happened. SMH

We can not keep thinking this is cool.  So the resident pulled  the gun out on the city worker for his JOB!  Whoever this person was doesn't pay their bills.  If you don't pay your bill, your services will get shut off.  Come on now, like  you never had your lights off before? lol stop playing.  Back to the story.  PAY YOUR BILL HOMIE

FLINT, Michigan — A home resident pulled out a rifle after a city worked tried to shut the water off at the home on Arlington Avenue near Missouri Avenue, according to police.

The incident happened when the city worker went to the home around 10 a.m. Wednesday. The resident warned the worker not to shut the water off.

The worker went to confirm he was at the right address. When he came back, the resident had a rifle pointed in the air and a finger on the trigger.

The worker left the scene and filed a report with the police.

There were no reports of any arrests.

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