Veteran hip-hop producer Rick Rubin is reportedly back in the studio with Kanye West. The bearded studio maverick told BBC Radio 1 personality Zane Lowe that he is gathering some concepts for the next project.

"Kanye West is coming in and we’re starting looking at vocal ideas for things for the next album," he said (quotes courtesy of NME).

Rubin previously worked with West on his 'Yeezus' album, which is arguably one of his most polarizing efforts of his career.

The 51-year-old producer doesn't know what to expect from 'Ye. When working on 'Yeezus,' everything was spontaneous and off the cuff, according to Rubin.

"There were loads of great ideas and there were many many tracks and we listened to everything together," said Rubin on his first listen of the 'Yeezus' demos. "He originally came over and said 'I wanna come play you my new album' and I thought we’d be listening to a finished album."

"Then we listened to about three hours of music, most of which didn’t have vocals, and at the end I was like ‘wow, so what’s it gonna be?’" he continued. "I’m thinking it’s a year away and he was like 'well, I'm putting it out in like 5-6 weeks.'"

There’s still no official announcement on when or if West plans to release a new album this year. So far, only Q-Tip has mentioned that he and Rubin would be producing West’s follow-up project.

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