The "Neon Icon" has reached a new low.

If you're at least 18 years old, in high school, and have $28,000 to throw away, Riff Raff wants to hook you up with the ultimate VIP prom experience. The "Riff Raff Prom Date" includes "full Twitter and Instagram promo" for 1 week on his social media accounts, a Lamborghini ride to prom, and more!  Check out the Instagram post below...




The Neon Icon also recently posted a pic of a pair of Nike Air Jordan's he is selling on Ebay. The current bid is $80,000 and rising. Not kidding.


$80,000. This has to be a joke. I have a feeling Riff Raff is going broke. Look at that, I'm rhyming better than the Neon Icon haha

Question is...would you let your daughter (or son?) go to prom with Riff Raff?