Rihanna is known for many things but being subtle about her feelings is not one of them.

However, her bluntness is endearing, and has only helped solidified her place as one of the most dynamic figures in entertainment. To that end, the self-proclaimed "bad gyal" has had an amazing year. On the business tip, she released Fenty Beauty which literally flew off the shelves, cementing her arrival as a major contender in the beauty industry. As for music, she was the #1 most streamed female artist of 2017 on Spotify, even though she didn't release an album.

But even with all of her accomplishments, one thing remained the same—Rihanna is still the Queen of the Clap Back.

Not only is Rihanna hilarious when she decides to respond via social media, she makes it seem so effortless. Her timing is always perfect, and once she claps back, there is no coming back from it. Here are Rihanna's best clap backs in 2017.

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    When she clapped back at body shamers with a hilarious Gucci Mane meme.

    Rihanna recently started eating her white rice and cabbage, and gained some curves. When pictures began to surface of her new body, some poor, wayward souls began to body shame her. Her clap back was not only on point (and hilarious)— it made everyone shut up.


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    She made Azealia Banks have a seat.

    At the beginning of the year, Rihanna and Azealia Banks clashed when Rihanna publicly condemned President Donald Trump for his controversial travel ban that largely affected Muslim countries. Banks came directly for Rihanna when she said she was tired of celebrities using their influence to "stir the public." They went back and forth but it was this lasting Instagram picture with the caption that took Banks out the game.

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    Her epic shut down of a make up line that tried to come for Fenty Beauty.

    When the brand, Make Up For Ever, tried to shade newly launched (and massively popular) Fenty Beauty after releasing 40 new shades of foundation, Rihanna went directly to their post clapped back the way only Ri-Ri can.

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    She casually shut down Nicki Minaj's Met Gala 'Best-Dressed' claims.

    After Nicki Minaj posted a fake picture of her making the best-dressed list at the Met Gala (which was quickly deleted), Rihanna posted her Instagram photo with receipts that she indeed made the best-dressed lists—and captioned it "casual."

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    She told Trump to get his life.

    When President Donald Trump tried to ignore Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, leaving them without power, food, and aide, Rihanna made sure to tap him on the shoulder with the ultimate clap back for his ignorance—"don't let your people die."

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    When she set the record straight about Fenty Beauty's inclusivity.

    Rihanna was called out by a fan for not using trans models in her Fenty Beauty cosmetics campaigns. While he wasn't disrespectful, he probably assumed she wouldn't respond. But Rihanna being Rihanna gave a gentle but firm clap back. She explained on how models are selected for her campaigns.

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    That time she literally named her lipstick shade after one of her best skills.

    And finally, Rihanna's biggest clap back in 2017 may be her most recent, with the release of MatteMoiselle, a collection of 14 new lipstick shades. What's the name of the one of the shades? CLAP BACK. Because of course.

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