Riverbank Park in Downtown Flint experienced a literal "Glow Up" last weekend during River Lights.

Riverbank Park is already a really cool place to walk around and explore during a normal day, but River Lights stepped the magic level up 1,000%. If you've never been to Riverbank Park in Flint, you should make it a priority to go. It's architectural history alone is fascinating, and even though it's far from it's original grandeur, it's still really cool.

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The idea behind River Lights was born as a way to show off the unique space, while helping bring new neighborhood events to Flint. Jerin Sage is one of the event organizers, and he talked about what exactly the event had hoped to accomplish.

The concept behind the event is to activate underutilized spaces, using projectors and different visual arts and effects to shed a new light on somewhere like Riverbank Park.

The event was supposed to only have around 300-400 people, but the crowds were excited to see the park in a new light. When it was all said and done, organizers estimate that they went well over the original 400 person mark, and made sure everyone was able to experience the walk.

My family and I went downtown Friday night to check out River Lights, and it was a really cool vibe. The event itself was obviously a great scene , but just hanging out in downtown with the family was special.

Downtown and the Flint Cultural Center will always hold a special place for me, and unique events like this are exactly why. It's the kind of thing that you can take someone that has never been to Flint to and show them just how cool our city is. Check out a few of the pictures from the event below, but just know that the pictures don't do the vibe and scene justice.

Watch River Lights Illuminate Flint's Riverbank Park

The first River Lights event took place last weekend in Flint at Riverbank Park. The light show aimed to give everyone a unique look at Downtown Flint. Check out some of the pictures from River Lights below.


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