Desperate times, call for desperate measures and that is certainly the case here.

Let me preface, I know robbery is obviously wrong, not to mention illegal. This father risked his freedom for his child. It sounds like a movie plot don't you think? The fact that this unidentified man would attempt to rob a store, to get money for his daughter's kidney transplant is both heartbreaking and heroic.

According to reports, the armed robbery took place at a 1 Stop Smoke Shop in Philadelphia. The clerk gave the suspect several hundred dollars, that he in turn gave back, stating it was not enough to cover his daughters transplant. It gets even more bizarre, according to the store owner, the man put his gun away, was friendly and then left the store.

You can see all of this go down in the video above. As mentioned, at this time the identity of this desperate dad is not known. I have a strong feeling that people will donate to his daughter's transplant when he is identified. What are your thoughts?

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