Kristen Thompson was coming out of Kroger on the East side of Flint when a man grabbed her purse and ran off.  What 9 month pregnant Kristen did next is almost unbelievable.

She chased him!  Better than that, SHE CAUGHT HIM!

The problem with trying to run and fight when you are 9 months pregnant, is that you are 9 MONTHS PREGNANT!

Kristen was knocked to the ground and almost immediately went into labor. Luckily some people nearby heard Kristen call for help, and took her to the hospital.  She ended up giving birth to a healthy baby, only a few hours later!

The low life that actually tried to steal a purse from a very pregnant woman was held down at the scene until police could come pick him up.

Salute to you Kristen!  Sometimes, just going to the store when you're pregnant is tough enough.  Chasing down criminals is something that the doctor should probably advise you not to do next time!