Rick Ross is on tour right now with Lil Wayne and Nicki... He got arrested at a recent show... Will that effect him here this Saturday?

Rick Ross aka "Rozay" got arrested the other day for having a very small amount of weed. Probably less than what's in your hand or ash tray as you're reading this (lol).  I don't understand why weed is such a big deal. Coming from a person that doesn't smoke or drink, it seems weird to me that weed which does less than both alcohol and cigarettes to your body is illegal yet both of those which kill people DAILY and by the hundreds of thousands annually (if not millions) are legal. Well Ross is scheduled to be at the Palace of Auburn Hills for the "I'm still Music Tour" with Weezy and Nicki, which here's the info on how you can win those ticekets exclusively with Club 93.7!

Here's the whole story...

Rick Ross was reportedly arrested for marijuana possession in a Louisiana hotel earlier this week. According to a new report from New York Magazine, the "Aston Martin Music" rapper was taken into custody by police in Shreveport after he was found with one gram of the drug.

(from www.rttnews.com)

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