2021 just keeps getting better and better with more and more shows and festivals returning and that includes Royal Oak's annual Arts, Beats & Eats festival. The festival didn't happen last year as it was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you've never been to Arts, Beats & Eats, you're missing out because it's huge. I'll put it in perspective, in 2019 more than 343,000 were in attendance at the event. That's a lot of freaking people.

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Not only is Arts Beats & Eats happening this year, but it's going to happen with full capacity according to the event's producer, Jon Witz.

Arts, Beats and Eats is happening at full capacity this year. We got here because the majority of people (in the county) have gotten vaccinated. It’s really up to everyone to get vaccinated.

They haven't released any of the headliner names yet but they're saying there will be over 200 performances on 9 stages. They may not have released any band names but they did say this:

We have reached out and gotten the biggest name band in our history.

When is Arts, Beats & Eats?

The event is going to happen over Labor Day weekend, September 3-6th.

Admission to the festival is $3 before 3 pm, $5 before 5 pm, and $7 after 5 pm. Yeah, it's extremely affordable to go.

According to The Oakland County Press, the event also features a juried fine art show, dozens of food offerings from restaurants and food trucks.

If you've gone in the past and hated the food and drink ticket system, you'll be happy to know, they're eliminating it this year. If you want food and drinks, you can just pay for it with cash or credit cards. That is going to be a huge relief for people. There's nothing worse than running out of tickets and having to wait in a long line to get tickets, only to have to stand in another line to get your drinks.

Can't wait to see what bands they have lined up for this year's event.

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