Eminem's Donald Trump diss is still causing online chatter.

Since it dropped at this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards, many praised the rap legend for his words, delivery and overall stance, but others said it wasn't his best work.

Then there were some folks who had a problem with the group of black men that stood behind Em while he rhymed, and Royce Da 5'9" went on social media to blast them. Apparently, some believed that Eminem standing in front of black men showed white male superiority.

“Why do y’all care who was in the background of the fucking cypher?” asked Royce. “Why do y’all care that it was black people in the background of the cypher? What do n---- think, man? We was casted? You think it’s some type of imaging that got put together by like some fucking white force? ... Eminem is my fucking friend, man. He’s been my friend since 1997. I support everything that he does. Just like he supports everything that I do. And I hope you n----- support your friends and your friends support you and if they don’t that’s your fucking problem.”

Royce also said that if you want to know how he feels about Trump and politics, then listen to his latest album "Layers."

You can watch the Detroit rapper's post below and so far, Em hasn't responded to any of this.

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