The follow-up to Russ' platinum debut album There’s Really A Wolf has arrived. His new album Zoo dropped today (Sept. 7) and finds the Georgia native expanding his circle.

While the "Losin Control" rapper's previous full-length included zero features, the new project taps Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg for "Last Forever." British singer Mahalia features on "Keep It Pushin."

Russ also brought in Scott Storch to produce the advance single "The Flute Song," which opens the album. He previously described Storch to XXL as "pretty much the reason I started making beats."

The 14-track release comes with high expectations after its predecessor peaked last May at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart. Russ described the new album in a press release as his most personal music yet.

"This album, as far as like a theme and a mood, it’s really more personal than I've ever gone," he said. "I really dug deep. It's really reflective of everything right now."

Scope Zoo's tracklist and production credits and listen to the album below.

Russ's Zoo Album Tracklist and Production Credits

1. "The Flute Song" (Produced by Scott Storch)
2. "Outlaw" (Produced by Russ)
3. "Kill Them All" (Produced by Russ)
4. "Missin You Crazy" (Produced by Russ)
5. "Voicemail" (Produced by Russ)
6. "Parkstone Drive" (Produced by Russ)
7. "Begging You" (Produced by Russ)
8. "Serious" (Produced by Russ)
9. "Keep My Wits" (Produced by Russ)
10. "Our Time" (Produced by Russ)
11. "From a Distance" (Produced by Russ)
12. "Last Forever" featuring Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg (Produced by Russ)
13. "Keep It Pushin" featuring Mahalia (Produced by Russ)
14. "Fuck That" (Produced by Russ)

Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records
Russ My Way Inc. and Columbia Records

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