The Wu-Tang Clan has always been based in respect for the Earth and its inhabitants. So it's no surprise RZA, the architect of the Clan, is a vegan and has been working with PETA for quite some time. His latest collaboration with the animal rights organization comes in the form of a new PSA, asking that we see animals as our equals, and treat them as such.

In the new PETA video, RZA takes on various shapes and sizes to deliver an important message. "We are all the same, in all the ways that matter. It doesn’t matter what we look like, how old we are, what language we speak, or who we love," he says via voiceover, as he transforms into different genders and races.

The rapper then starts to morph into different animals, while stating, “It doesn’t matter if we have fur or feathers or fins, the length of our nose or number of legs. We’re not different in any important way. We all have thoughts and feelings." The footage is scheduled to air during The Daily Show With Trevor Noah this week.

RZA's name has also been in the discussion for a surprising collaboration from his past. In an interview, Björk revealed that the two worked on music over 20 years ago, only to never release it. Always striving to keep the Wu-Tang brand alive, he also relaunched the Wu Wear clothing line.

Watch RZA's PETA video below.

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