Big money keeps getting snatched up in Michigan with a new million-dollar winner in Saginaw county!

The winning scratch-off was sold at the Marion Springs General Store is located at 12025 South Merrill Road in Brant. 

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 A clerk’s generosity led to a Saginaw County woman winning $1 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s $1,000,000 Frenzy Multiplier Instant Game.


“My friend and I were on the way home for a bonfire and we needed to stop for a couple things,” said the player, who chose to remain anonymous. “We stopped at the Marion Springs General Store, but they must have just closed because the door was locked. We were standing at the door when a clerk came over to let us in. 

It's a ton of big-money winners that have been coming out of Michigan lately. I feel like we just had a million-dollar winner a couple of weeks ago! Congratulations to the 52-year-old winner from Saginaw. Reports say that she will indeed be taking the lump sum payment (Smart) instead of the monthly payments. Which should equal out around $634,000 for one lump payment. Not bad for a random scratch-off ticket!

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