This home is a former seafood restaurant and retail shop with 6,114 sqft of space.

If you're looking to move up north and start a business, this is the place for you. This place has a lot of potential for a small business as well as a home. Not only does it have a lot of space but it also has some pretty unique features.

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Having once been a seafood restaurant, this property has two huge fish tanks. Behind the full bar, there is a 2,000-gallon fish tank. How cool would it be to hang out with friends while having some drinks with a big ole saltwater tank to check out? It would definitely be the best home bar on the block. On top of that, there is another 150-gallon tank built right into one of the walls in the bar area as well.

The home itself has two bedrooms and three bathrooms within the 6,114 square foot property. Not only that, you get a lot of land with the purchase. The home sits on five acres of land just off of US Highway 2 in Saint Ignace. Best of all, this Upper Peninsula home will only set you back $249,000. That is a hell of a deal for that much land and space in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Personally, I wouldn't open a new business there. I would turn that into one of the best man caves on the planet. A few classic video games, a pool table, and maybe a theater set up and you are golden! Check it out below.

Source: Zillow

Saint Ignace Home Comes With Full Bar and 2,000 Gallon Fish Tank

This home in Saint Ignace was once a seafood restaurant and contains a full bar set up and two huge fish tanks, the largest being a 2,000-gallon tank. 

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