Sephora has announced that it will close all of their stores Wednesday morning for "inclusion workshops" after racial profiling complaints from SZA.

The whole thing started when SZA tried to buy some of the Fenty Beauty products that Rihanna produces.  She was stopped by security at the California store to make sure she wasn't stealing. SZA posted the following tweets directly after the incident.

Rihanna saw the tweets and stepped in to help fix the situation. Reports are that Rihanna sent SZA a hand written note and gift card for her Fenty line.

Now, more than a month later, Sephora is addressing the issue with a new campaign a diversity training day.

The campaign was launched on social media last week, and it's called 'We Belong To Something Beautiful."

So if you plan on going to either Sephora locations in Flint or Burton this Wednesday, you'll have to wait until the training is done.

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