Teyana Taylor’s Flashdance-inspired dance performance in Kanye West’s sweaty but bizarre video for “Fade” has made people go and renew their gym membership. But recent NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal took it a step further and recreated Taylor’s video for the Internet to enjoy.

Wearing only a tank top and boxers, Shaq Fu does his best recreation of Taylor’s sultry dance moves. At 7-foot-1, the veteran b-baller is lumbering more so than dancing. It gets a little uncomfortable with Shaq grinding on the bed but it’s all in good fun.

In an interview with VH1, Taylor the choreography in the "Fade" was unrehearsed but it didn't get a little sticky.

“We were kinda just switching things as we went, adding things as we went,” she recalls. “I think I got pooped on by the sheep. Those hard doo doo balls and I had on all of the coconut oil and it was sticking to me. I was looking at Kanye like, ‘I’m standing her naked with these damn sheep.'”

There was no sheep in Shaq's video, which would have been really strange. Hopefully, it will inspire other people to get their "Fade" dance-on in the bedroom.

Check out Shaquille O'Neal's clip above.

Watch Teyana Taylor's "Fade"

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