Michigan and Michigan State are gearing up for the Backyard Brawl on Saturday, October 30th, and it's been announced that the game will kickoff at Noon.

Normally this would be pretty standard procedure, for the game but this year is shaping up to be something special. Both Michigan (#6) and Michigan State (#9) are undefeated and ranked in the top 10.

If Michigan can beat Northwestern this Saturday then the game on the 30th has the potential to be the second highest combined ranking in rivalry history. The highest combined ranking came all the way back in 1956 when MSU came in ranked #2 and U of M was ranked #5.

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You would think that with all of the hype and history around the upcoming game, that it would be a primetime night game at Spartan Stadium. The two teams have only ever played one other night game, and that happened in 2017.

Think about it, one of the longest, most bitter rivalries in all of college football. The first time since 2010 that both teams are coming in undefeated, and the highest combined ranking for the two teams since 1956! Why wouldn't this game be played at night?!

I don't know the ins and outs of scheduling college football games, but I think there still might be a chance that the schedule changes. MSU has a bye week this week, so they're locked in to their record and most likely their ranking. If Michigan beats up on Northwestern, and a higher ranked team happens to lose, Michigan could go up even more. I'd be willing to bet if that happens, the winner of the Paul Bunyan Trophy will be decided under the lights.

As it stands now the game is scheduled for a Noon kickoff on FOX. While you're getting geared up for the game, check out the 15 most important moments from the longstanding rivalry below.

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