You could pay me to live here...A real estate agent in Idaho is having trouble selling a house, even though he slashed the house's price by $66,000!

What's the problem?

It's infested with thousands of garter snakes. Check out the video here..

Even though garter snakes aren't poisonous and are harmless to humans, they are definitely a pest. The owners of the house gave up and let the house fall into foreclosure. Chase Bank now owns it and can't seem to sell it, even after the dramatic price slash.

The snakes found the place and made it their den, then the house was built on top of it. Snakes are very loyal to their den.

Even if the Idaho Department of Fish and Game agreed to get rid of the snakes, some snakes will remain and reproduce, restarting the cycle again.

The only hope is to pretty much just find a snake love to buy the house.