Snookie has been trying her hand and wrestling lately... See her latest venture!

Snooki from "Jersey Shores" is famous for no reason and I hate her for that!. She's had a whole lot of exposure over the last year and is now a featured character on WWE! I'm just shocked at how far we've come with this 'Reality Star' thing. Everybody is getting their 15 minutes of fame... Well I will give her  props for making this look like a real cat fight that we've all seen plenty of times outside of clubs and bars. I think I messed up in life because I went to college, got an education, I'm married, I don't drink and I am a professional. Yea, all those things don't get you a reality show or deal and WWE isn't calling my cell anytime soon. I think you have to be talentless in America now to shine. In the infamous words of Charles Barkley "I may be wrong... But I doubt it"