Several notable hip-hop and R&B artists have come to the aid of a young teen who is being bullied at his school.

In the viral clip above, the kid, who appears to have some facial deformities, is talking to his mother about being bullied at his middle school. According to XXL, the young man's name is Keaton Jones and he goes to school in Tennessee.

In the vid, he sobs uncontrollably as he explains to his mother how his classmates are teasing him relentlessly about his physical appearance. "Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to 'em?" he asks. "It's not okay."

Rappers Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, T.I., Plies and others went on their Instagram page to show their support for the young man and urged their followers not to encourage bullying of any kind.

"Say lil Man U gotta friend in me for life hit me on dm so we can chop it up love is the only way to beat hate," wrote Snoop on his IG account.

Cardi B, on the other hand, wanted to deliver fades to anyone who is bullying Jones. "I can’t get that boy In that video out my mind. I wish i can give him a hug and beat the shit out them kids that pick on him. I don’t care if they kids. F--- YOU!!" she tweeted on Twitter.

T.I. offered some sagely advice to Jones with his heartfelt IG post. "To answer your question Lil man... bullies are just cowards who are too weak to address the hurt, pain & unhappiness in their own miserable lives so they take it out on great people like YOU!!!" he wrote. "Just know that YOU ARE GREAT!!! Your differences make you the shit!!! Don't ever let anyone make you feel anything else."

R&B singer Chris Brown and veteran rapper Trae tha Truth also posted heartfelt messages to Jones.

There's no word if Keaton Jones has read all of the motivational words from the rappers and singers.

It's good to see the hip-hop community come forward to stomp out bullying. Check out their responses below.

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