It has been gone for 25 years, but Soap Box Derby racing is coming back to Flint this summer.

The Flint Soap Box Derby happens Saturday, June 8th at the University Avenue Corridor. It marks the return of a Soap Box tradition that used to be very prominent in Flint. You may have noticed the derby race track while driving by SWA on I-69.

That was built in 1969, and helped start a long tradition of Flint derby excellence. According to Flintside, there have even been three Flint National Champions over the years.

Obviously the soap box derby races are supposed to be fun, but organizers have another goal in mind with these races. The skills that it takes to build an operational car utilize many STEAM initiatives that are being pushed in schools so hard right now. The race car itself is a major engineering project, and when the elements of design and comfort are built in, this is a complete learning project.

Unfortunately the registration for the race in Flint is closed, but that doesn't mean you can't participate. Organizers are still looking for volunteers and sponsors for the June event.

I know I'll be on the sidelines watching and cheering the return of Soap Box Derby racing in Flint. You can get more information at their website here, or at the Facebook event page.

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