Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston often flex about money and cars in their songs, but it seems they don't always follow through on their payments. The luxury car dealership Precision Concierge New York (PCNY) is accusing Soulja and Sean of failing to pay for their car rentals.

Two days ago (Feb. 4), PCNY went on Instagram and posted screenshots of a text conversation with Kingston, along with a photo of a check for $3,500 from the singer to the dealership. According to PCNY, Kingston still owes $4,200.

The dealership added the caption, "After renting a Escalade for a whole month in LA and a s-class for a few days then chasing him to collect a check that bounced anyways..... @SeanKingston still owes $4200.00 and a ton of broken promises since last November....Everyone is everyone's brother when they owe you money smh....We have taken the high road with everyone but you wanna be disrespectful and not pay just cause that's your way of doing business #CashMeOutSideHowBoutDah."

One day later (Feb. 5), PCNY went on Instagram again and accused Soulja Boy of a similar situation. In the case of Soulja Boy's debt, it seems he owes $675, and he hasn't been cooperative with the car dealership one bit.

PCNY types, "It's been since October 22nd trying to collect $675 from @Souljaboy with absolutely no luck.....Just a bunch of excuses....Again someone calling @MoePcla his family yet treating him like POS!! $675 BUCKS AND WE NEED TO JUMP THRU HOOPS TO GET IT SMH #BigSouljaWorthToManyMsToBeOwing6Hundo."

You can view all the IG posts below. XXL has reached out to Soulja Boy's rep for a comment.

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