The beef between Soulja Boy and Charleston White has been ignited once again with Big Draco referring to White as "Cheddar Bob" after the YouTuber accidentally shot himself.

On Friday (Sept. 16), Soulja Boy hit up his infamous Instagram account with an IG Live video clowning Charleston White regarding a recent incident at a gentleman's club in Dallas in which White reportedly suffered a gunshot wound by his own hands. With an act of extreme pettiness, the Atlanta rapper repeatedly called White "Cheddar Bob" in reference to Evan Jones' character in Eminem's 2002 film, 8 Mile, who also shot himself in a similar fashion.

"See what happens," said Soulja Boy in the video. "Ops out here shooting they self. Cheddar bob. That's his new name, Cheddar Bob. How you shoot yourself in the club? See, this nigga be so scary, bruh. Nigga clutchin’ so hard in the club, scared as fuck, talking all that shit. This nigga shot himself. Cheddar Bob, put that gun down, sir, before you kill yourself. Man, put that gun down before you hurt somebody, man. You already hurt yourself, put that muthafucka down, man.

Soulja continued to taunt the former gang member-turned-internet personality by implying White's firearm mishap could be the direct result of some negative karma.

"Cheddar Bob, see if you would've been getting some money and staying out of grown folks' business, you probably wouldn't have shot yourself in the ass. How you shoot yourself in the ass, man? Put that gun down, son."

The smoke between Soulja Boy and Charleston White has been running hot all summer long, dating back to a July interview with Say Cheese TV, in which White questioned the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" rapper's street cred. The online back-and-forth between the two then became physical a few days later in Miami when an altercation resulted in Charleston White spraying mace toward Draco and his entourage. White then claimed he was planning on pressing criminal charges against Soulja Boy for allegedly threatening the YouTuber's life.

Soulja wasn't the only one with jokes regarding Charleston White's unfortunate self-inflicted gunshot wound. Earlier in the day on Friday, Freddie Gibbs also appeared to make light of the situation on Twitter by simply captioning a retweeted report of the shooting with "God did."

At this point, even White himself is getting in on the fun and is looking to capitalize on having suffered the accidental injury. Charleston quickly produced a t-shirt with his face superimposed over a photo of the Cheddar Bob 8 Mile character that is now for sale on the internet personality's own website.

Watch Soulja Boy Call Charleston White 'Cheddar Bob' in the Video Below

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