When Lil Yachty announced that he would be collaborating with Soulja Boy and Lil B for the Pretty Boy Millionaires 2 mixtape back in April, it sparked interest among hip-hop fans old and new. As the follow-up to Soulja and B's 2010 effort, Pretty Boy Millionaires, fans were excited to see the return of the highly acclaimed tape with a new addition in the mix.

However, when Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty unexpectedly got into a beef on Oct. 29, the outcome of the tape was left unknown, as it was clear that the collaborators were at odds. Now the Ignorant Shit creator has officially come forth to clear the air about the project. While he says the beef with Lil Boat is over and done, the tape is no more.

"Nah, that shit is over," Soulja tells XXL. "Me and Lil Yachty started beefing so that shit is dead. Lil B is my brother though. That's the original Pretty Boy Millionaires anyway. Lil Yachty was never in Pretty Boy Millionaires. We were just going to put him in there to make it fun and make it dope."

Soulja went on to explain that they recorded four or five songs for the tape but they'll likely never see the light of day. "Y'all probably aren't going to get no Soulja Boy-Lil Yachty music," he shares. "We probably made like four of five songs but yeah, that shit is over. If y'all get PBM 2, it's probably just going to be me and Lil B. It ain't no beef though. Shout-out to Lil Yachty. Keep doing your thing."

The SODMG rapper is actually planning to drop one more mixtape before the year is over and also looking to ink a major label deal. "Nov. 18, Real Soulja 4 Life drops," Soulja says. "That motherfucka is finna kill the streets. That's my last tape though before I do my deal."

He adds that he's currently an indie artist. "I got three deals on the table right now. I'm independent—my last deal was with Interscope. I've been doing my thing for the last three years independent making 100 percent of all my money... My next project is probably going to be from a major. 2017 y'all are going to get a major release."

While fans wait for his solo project, Ignorant Shit, his collabo album with Bow Wow is available now.

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