A Southfield school bus driver is in some serious heat after driving through wet cement in an active construction zone last week.

Construction workers looked on in disbelief last week as a school bus driver ignored construction signs, orange barrels, workers, a cement truck, and pretty much every indication that crews were paving a road in Southfield.

This school bus driver didn't accidentally roll one tire over some wet cement...oh no. The driver drove the entire bus through a freshly paved road. All of the bus's wheels tore through that stuff kicking up wet cement everywhere.

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The workers were obviously extremely frustrated as they watched the driver destroy all the work they had just completed. In the video below, you can hear the workers yelling and screaming as driver plowed through not one, but two sections of freshly poured concrete. You even hear one worker say "I can't believe it" as the school bus driver kept going.

While I feel bad for these workers because they had to do double the work that day, you have to admit, it's pretty funny to watch it happen. I think they're frustration at the end of the video is the funniest, they just look so defeated. Am I jerk for laughing? Probably but it's just so funny to me.

The important thing to keep in mind here...the kids made it to school on time and no one was hurt. Well, the workers' backs probably hurt just a little extra that day.

School Bus Drives Thru Wet Concrete

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