Disney+ has released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7, the final installment in the series. These past few months have seen a lot of Star Wars ends: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker wrapped up its sequel trilogy, The Mandalorian Season 1 concluded in an action-packed finale, and now Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back for one final showdown. Watch the trailer here:

For an animated cartoon, the seventh season of Clone Wars has the intense feel of any other Star Wars movie. The teaser hints at epic battles, philosophical revelations, and a showdown between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul. Basically, it's the next best thing to waking up to a new episode of The Mandalorian every week. The events of the series are sandwiched between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, so be prepared to see plenty of old faces, including good ol' fashioned Adult Yoda.

Unlike Netflix's content model, Disney+ will release each of the 12 episodes of Clone Wars weekly. This strategy seemed to work out well for The Mandalorian, allowing for fans to fully digest each episode before watching a new one. And in a cinematic universe as complex as Star Wars, there's a whole lot to digest. Disney+ has set the release date for the final Clone Wars season for February 21.

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