I recently found a workbook for my 5 and 7 year old kids that just might use an invisible "Force" to help them do schoolwork this summer.

Sometimes it feels like kids spend 9 months in school learning, and then try to do everything they can to forget it during the 3 months of summer break.

Who can blame them?  This is their first chance to not worry about teachers, homework and grades in quite a while.  The problem is that when September rolls back around, a lot of what was learned the previous year, was lost in the sandbox.

The Star Wars Workbooks I found a few weeks ago might be a great tool in keeping kids brains active during break.  The more I looked into the books, the more interested I became about them.  So I reached out to the creator, to talk to him about the books.

Listen to the interview with Daniel.

Here is a quick video preview of the Kindergarten Math Skills book.

There are MANY great summer learning activities offered for free, right here in Genesee County that you should check out.  These books are perfect chances for your kids to do some brain work while you are on your way to one of them.