From this day forward, Michigan drivers can be ticketed for not doing this. Consider this your official heads up.

Michigan's expanded version of the Michigan Emergency Vehicle Caution Law, more commonly known as the "Move Over Law," officially went into effect on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019. The initial law required motorists to yield their lane and lower their speed 10mph below the limit to make way for either passing or pulled over emergency vehicles like police and ambulances.

The law now also extends to other utility vehicles like garbage trucks and tow trucks that are pulled over with their lights on. So if you go blazing by the mail guy or road workers in your car with no regard for their safety, not only are you a jerk -- you're a jerk who's probably going to get a $400 ticket.

The expansion of the Michigan Emergency Vehicle Caution Law was signed by former Gover Rick Snyder early in the "lame duck session" last year. Unlike a lot of the shady last-minute bills some politicians pushed through on their way out the door, this one is actually a good thing.

If you want all the details on the new expanded version of the law, you can click here to read this nifty pamphlet the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning put together for you.

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