During last night's MTV European Music Awards, Hayden Panettiere was up staged by a streaker while she was getting ready to give Lady Gaga the award for Best Song that went to 'Born This Way.' As you can see in the photo, Panettiere was a bit shocked.

The streaker -- 24-year-old actor, David Monahan -- said that this wasn't rehearsed or planned. He told Mail Online:

'Two friends of mine work for the security company, they got me in but they didn't know I was going to storm the stage.

'I undressed in a backstage store room and considering Lady Gaga is walking about with a flying saucer on her head, not many people notice a guy with a black blanket wrapped around him.'

If you would like to see the NSFW video, YouTube has a few, but they are getting pulled as fast as they go up. Take a look while you can -- but be warned, private parts a flying.

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