Jeff Skigh is proving why he's one of Flint's top artists by consistently dropping new fire, and with his new release "Coolin" he's keeping his foot on the rap game in Flint.

I know that the opening statement may have been a bit bold, but I stand behind my words. It's not too often you that find an artist in any medium that can stay consistent with content. Some artists flame out quickly, and some never even get hot enough to catch fire. With Jeff Skigh, that's a different story. What your seeing in an artist actually developing his own lane. To his sound, to the crazy visuals, you'll be hard press to find someone that can mimic his style. (Trust me they've tried)

Shout out to B!Z as well for the feature on the track, and if you're familiar with the local rap scene you'll see some familiar faces in this video as well. Check it out below!

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